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Happy Women’s Month!

How’s your Transformation looking like over there..? It’s almost Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and I can feel the excitement in the air as we all prepare to shed our winter weight and step into another season of change.

I never thought myself as health conscious or even a fitness junkie, but lately I have been gradually evolving in my life and career and in all of that period of transition that can at the best of times look very muddy – what a good friend once shared with me is, if nothing around you is not quite making sense, just take care and focus on YOU.

So I got to working, waking up early, putting in the daily workouts of sweat and grind, making sure to stay active throughout the day – with the sole intention of transforming my old self into a new and better version of health and wellbeing.

It’s addictive I tell you. Because I was in such a vulnerable space of needing just something, one thing to work out in my favour of which I had full control over, I was absolutely and never open to letting myself down during this time. Slowly (unbeknown to me) beginning to build on my own daily habits of success and winning at every step.

And here’s the thing Lioness QUEEN, when you hold on to just one thing you can control and turn around in your life, everything else also starts to shift into its proper place.

Because when you see the transformation that one part of your life is beginning to take, you honestly make a genuine effort to get the rest of your life also into shape.

It’s a mind shift really. One thing going right, built the fight in me to work on everything else I wanted to see going right in my life. But what focusing on me brought home, was actually also taking the time to do right by me first.

You’ve heard flight attendants on the plane say “put your mask on first, before assisting fellow passengers”. Well, they are on to something there. I am a confirmed people pleaser, and will dump what I need to do, in order to attend to what someone else needs me to do and literally choke to death in the process.

But when that wasn’t quite working for me anymore and I knew it was up to me to be the change I wanted to see, I went back to the advice I was given to take care of me first. And that dear reader made all the difference.

The weight loss benefits have been great, but this transformation is bigger than that. It’s understanding that when you elevate yourself in your own life, you make healthier decisions about the life you are working towards.

My happiness is key, and if I am happy then everyone around me is happy (yes moms reading this, that applies to you too). If my mental chatter is saying wake up, work out, eat right REPEAT, then the chances of me picking up a habit along the way of my daily routine that is not serving me to my highest purpose – becomes highly unlikely because I now am focused on choosing what’s best for ME.

I needed to transform my thought process and how I fit in to my own cocoon. Because standing outside of myself and remaining confused as to why I wasn’t transforming was just a cycle of madness I was no longer willing to be a part of.

You’ve got to step into yourself and do the work, shed your old skin and way of thinking and prepare yourself mentally and physically for those butterfly wings to appear.

It can’t happen if you are not in the zone and center of your own life and by God it’s not out there for you to collect at the cleaners or grocery store – it’s in YOU!

Mask up buttercup, this is the season of REAL transformation and here in our Lioness QUEEN Pride, we’re taking no excuses as to why you’re still a worm.

We’ve got to commit to the vision of excellence we have for our own lives Queens. One step just one step in the right direction for you is all you need to hold on to this season.

And guess what, there is no flight attendant that’s going to run into your home and tell you where to jump off and escape. Because this is YOUR life and YOU have to do the work to transform into the beautiful, elegant butterfly that I know in my heart that we ALL are.

Come on sis, don’t get left behind.

Re-read this until it sinks in. YOU are the transformation you have been waiting for. It’s not in a book on in a magazine, or hidden behind your partner, friends or children. It’s ALL in you.

Maybe it’s just committing to watching less Netflix and using that free time to commit to an online course that you’ve been delaying on. Or perhaps it’s leaving out the sweet treats during the week and spoiling yourself just a tiny bit on the weekend. YOU decide how this is going to work out for you, but decide you must and I’ll see you on the sunny side of the happier season that we’re ALL heading into now.

With Love & PRIDE,

Nthabi Taukobong

Nthabi Tauobong

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