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“It’s  the most wonderful time of the year”!!!

And what Covid has shown me, is that I really don’t need much to get into my Festive cheer.

With the new variant spreading like wild fire amongst us, we’re back home once again this Christmas staying close to just family and loved ones.

I’ve gotten to spend such precious moments with my nephew and niece dancing up a storm in the lounge, taking walks around our neighbourhood and spending hours at the lagoon chilling – on those few days the sun has graced us with its presence.

All they’ve asked is for my company and my undivided attention and in those special moments of uncontrollable giggles and lots of tight hugs, I have experienced my greatest joy.

The other day, my nephew even declared that he loves me more than he loves dessert! A very proud moment for me I tell you, because I know for a fact that when it comes to me and dessert even my own child has tough competition there.


We’ve read books together, shared meals, told each other stories that had us cracking up and rolling on the floor with laughter, built islands out of craft pieces (my island was the Maldives, and my nephew’s was Galapagos Island – some rather scary sounding destination filled with lots of wild animals such as giant tortoises, blue footed and masked boobies and sea lions (of course)!

We built our own private plane to get us there and designed private suites for each of our family members so that they could retreat into and self isolate when they needed to.

An entire building was designed and built dedicated to just eating in our very own double volume dining hall, cause our family sure loves to eat.

And because we are all in such a joyful and generous spirit of giving, we also designed and built a spa for all the mummies to retire to as and when needed.

It’s those pure moments of staying in the moment that I’ve realised that when I do that, life as I know it completely disappears.

I even lose track of time and am rewarded with great big hugs and wet kisses all over my face for being the adult who connected with her inner child and completely lost herself in the moment.

Who needs Christmas presents after all, when the privilege is just to be surrounded with those we love.

             (Photos credit: Instagram @galapagosisland)

But just because we’ve also been through so much in this pandemic life that we’re currently living, we’ve also as a family gone all out to continue our tradition of gifting each other – not with big, costly items but with those that will truly bring a smile onto each of our family members’ faces and light up their hearts. 

For example, my niece and I will be wearing matching kaftans and sunglasses this Festive and my nephew will be floating around the pool in a giant dinosaur floaty.

My son is getting a new speaker cause I foresee a DJ in the making there and he will blast us right into the New Year, joyfully so!

Happy Festive everyone, remain as joyful as you can be during this time, knowing and believing always that family and loved ones are what our hearts and souls need the most right now…

With Love & PRIDE,

Nthabi Taukobong


 (All Photos credit: Instagram @galapagosisland)


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