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  Nthabi Taukobong  


It’s my Birthday month and I love using this time to reflect on my own life and making sure that I am still on track and re-tweak where I need to.

I realized very early in my years that my life and how I live it is up to me, I am the designer of my world.

Growing up at a time of unrest in the the townships, meant that there were months we did not attend school.

But my father decided to create the school environment for us right there in our own home. So I learnt from him that life is truly what YOU make it.

It’s not enough to blame external circumstance on why you can’t live or at most prepare for your dream life, just because everything around you is falling apart.

You have to reach in further and apply your creative mind to make it out of all your mental storms.

It would have been easier for us as a family to have surrendered to our burning surroundings and just sat home and accepted our doomed fates.

But as children, we saw our parents fight for a breakthrough for us every single day of our lives. There were family meetings and Strat sessions of which we as young ones were also included to plan what else we could do to make the situation we were in better.

Not once did we as children see our parents give up and I carried that fighting spirit all the way into my own adult life.

No matter my current pains and life challenges, there is always a way out and it starts in my mind, the REAL interior. It is up to me to visualize, strategize and implement my designer dream life every day of my existence because I can never quit until I truly feel I am living my desired life.

It’s important to teach yourself habits of success, because trust me, there is not a ‘special shop’ that you can go and buy these at. And as a parent I am very conscious to pass on the lessons I learnt from my father to my own child and that is to never stop dreaming and believing.

I am the designer and creator of the life I want to live and it is up to me to paint my forever picture. And when it is not quite what I envisioned, it is during moments like these where I sit down and re-strategize and take a bit of time back at my own drawing board.

Till today, that driving force and sheer, unwavering determination to make it out of Soweto and to a better life, remains my constant drive. Knowing and understanding that it first started literally and figuratively with getting out of my own mind.

I remember reading President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography – Long Walk to Freedom and Tata saying that once he was asked how he survived 27 years in jail – behind bars. And he said that they may have imprisoned his body, but they never imprisoned his mind.

So whatever your circumstance and current environment, please escape into your mind and get creating. There’s a dream life out there for all of us to claim in our own unique way.

But in that realm, there is no room for excuses and only true designers will survive.

I hope to see you there, because life in all its form, is here for us to enjoy.

With Love & PRIDE,

Nthabi Taukobong


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