NOVEMBER: Acceptance…

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Is it just me or is the year end fatigue kicking in for you too?

I pushed hard this year in order to break through my own limitations – so much so that I can feel that I only have a very exhausted crawl left in me as I head towards the year-end finish line.

It’s all feeling a little harder to do my superwoman daily routine such as my intense morning workout, or even starting a new project and having the strength to finish any of my existing work.

But then I’ve come to realise that sometimes moments in life call for total acceptance of where I am in my journey – and should I feel like resting half way up the mountain, well then darn it I’m resting.

It can’t be push, push and push all the time, because that will only result in a very mean, angry and exhausted Lioness Queen.


So instead of running every morning like I’m preparing for a hardcore marathon, I’m ok with walking it out these few weeks while being a little more gentle with myself and my body.

I am not waking up too early during this time either and am allowing my body to wake me up at it’s own internal time clock.

Part of life is acceptance that things may not always be smooth sailing or within our usual stamina and for us not to be too hard on ourselves.

Somehow accepting ourselves and current limitations is often seen as failure. I’m choosing to see it as much needed time out and hugging myself back to life because when my strength has returned and energy restored, trust me I will reactivate beast mode myself.


What can really make the remainder of the year more difficult is for me to go against the natural current of how I’m feeling now.

So slow and easy is how I plan to finish off this month and most likely the next one too. Because life it turns out is not a sprint to the end but also knowing when to stop, treat yourself to some hot tea and a slice of well deserved cake and while you’re at it to go out there and smell some flowers.

There is a season for everything and knowing what works for you right now is also accepting that you maybe need to slow things down just a tad and be really gentle with yourself.

It’s been a long and hard haul living through life as we know it and throw in a global pandemic in between that totally shook our realities up too – it’s amazing that we’re still standing.

Let’s accept the need to pause, breathe it all in a bit and be grateful for the opportunity to slow it all down now if we can.

It’s truly liberating accepting myself as I am and how I am feeling and where I am in my journey of life.

Some things I aced this year and others I didn’t and that’s ok cause I have my entire life to keep doing my best and re-evaluating every important step.

Rebooting and recharging our batteries needs to be factored into our daily routines too and I’m sure many of you, like me are running on very low if not empty batteries.

And if you were looking for a sign, well here it is. Permission granted rest and restore, you have run an excellent ‘race’ and it’s totally fine to do you now. The world can wait… 🥂

With Love & PRIDE,

Nthabi Taukobong



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