OCTOBER: Procrastination…

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Ever get that feeling that it’s time to tune out from the world just for a bit..?

Well you’re not alone and guess what, it’s actually ok and very needed at times to just shut out from it all and get back in tune with yourself.
I call it regrouping. It gets so chaotic and loud out that I sometimes have to turn off from the noise, and sit in my own comfortable silence just to hear myself breathe.
I’ve realised that when I’m tuned into all sorts of external frequencies but my own, life can feel quite dizzying. And I in turn feel very overwhelmed and can’t make head or tail of my own life and direction.
So this has turned out to be my sound off month. 

It’s very noisy out there and us sensitive souls need the silence more than others to function at a healthy and graceful state.

I often reach a point that even my morning news are watched with the sound off, car rides to school and to meetings are done in silence. Tuning into family, friends and colleagues at this time also gets drastically reduced, as I try reposition myself in my own world and reconnect to my own sense of peace and inner tranquility – so that I can tune in to that deep down magic that reminds me of my own purpose and calling in life.
Had lunch with my brother the other day, and he was quite confused as to why I was feeling so frazzled – and his simple, ‘Oprah’ type question was to ask me why I was tuning into so much outer ‘noise’ in the first place?
My boet asked me why did I have so much time to be tuning into things that weren’t serving me to the best of me in the first place. What in my own life was I running away from tuning into and was avoiding sitting in my truth while busy being consumed by other worldly dramas (series binge watching included)…?
Shook me up quite a bit because truth is, when I don’t have a grip on my life, it’s easy to spend hours on the phone with a friend listening and tuning into their drama, watching copious amounts of TV and series for hours on end and not opening up that study manual that’s been gathering dust on my desk.
When my family has me running errands morning till night, it’s the perfect excuse as to why I didn’t have time to work on that business idea that been waiting for me to execute. 
Tuning into everything around me but myself has actually been an excuse not to look too close into my own life and commit to the work that I need to go get myself on the road to living my best life. 
Sounds silly, but it’s really a thing this self-sabotaging your own life. 
And since the Universe is always watching and sending me signs, lately what I’ve been hearing on the social media is this short passage…
No one is coming to save you; no one is coming to make life right for you; no one is coming to solve your problems.
If you don’t do something, nothing is going to get better. The dream of a rescuer who will deliver us may offer a kind of comfort, but it leaves us passive and powerless.
We may feel if only I suffer long enough, if only I yearn desperately enough, somehow a miracle will happen, but this is the kind of self-deception one pays for with one’s life as it drains away into the abyss of unredeemable possibilities and irretrievable days, months, decades.
Nathaniel Branden, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
So I hope you and I both stop this habit  procrastination and rather choose to go for the life we really want and get on with turning our worlds around.
Let’s stop finding excuses not to commit to our own dreams and for a change tune in to our own frequency of greatness.
Because the truth is, no one is coming and we can no longer live in the fear of going for what we want and always tying ourselves into excuses that no longer server us.


With Love & PRIDE,

Nthabi Taukobong


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