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My theme for this month and something I needed to personally work through is, owning my story.

And mind you, owning my proper story.

You see, for the longest time, I thought that now that I had written my book The Real Interior, everybody would know what a shitty career Interior Design had actually been for me and hopefully just let me be.

After all, I had REAL proof that shared the very graphic details of what I had gone through career wise as well as an insight to my personal life journey. Yes, I thought that maybe the readers would even feel sorry for me knowing how much I had ‘suffered’.

Because as glamourous as this career appears to be, I had pages and pages that proved the hell I had been through as I made my way through 25 years of ups and downs!!

I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t relate to that.

And relate the readers did. But not in the shallow and short sighted way that I had been anticipating.

My book touched lives, and the messages I was getting spoke of readers seeing me as inspirational.

How I wondered, were there pages my publisher had slipped in that I wasn’t aware of?

Then the calls to come and address various audiences started happening more frequently, and as I spoke of my journey in design while connecting to my audience, I too began understanding what the deeper message was actually to my OWN story.

Dear reader, my story is not only about a turbulent journey in design and all the crazy mishaps along the way. My true story and the one that I now own with immense pride is about…

– Survival
– Perseverance
– Tenacity

No matter what life threw at me, I got up and tried again. My story is about resilience – hanging in there regardless the size of the storm and having the strength to push myself back up again even when faced with what I thought were my worst failures.

My real story is not only about my journey in design, it’s about courage. And the book as well as my talks have led me to understand how I am inspiring and motivating others to hang in there and continue forward in their own life and career journeys. Because it takes those of us who have walked the path to speak of our own stories of survival.

I am still here and I am still standing. And you are too.

In my standing, I in turn am giving others hope because I am a living and breathing proof that one can overcome many adversities in life and that like me, you too can overcome your own worst fears.

There’s nothing extraordinarily special about me. Like you, I am just a human being going through very real life experiences. But perhaps unlike many, I have by God’s Grace and immeasurable faith chosen never to give up on myself. And in doing that I began to understand that the tools to fight for my BEST LIFE had to come from me.

Herein I birthed the Lioness QUEEN in Me. Because when my own strength fails me, I need to be able to tap in to another source of power within myself and I created an alter ego in the process.

So wherever you find yourself in your own story, please believe me when I say that there is actually more to it than what you are seeing and what you are currently experiencing. And one day, you too will be in a position to share your story of greatness.

Because in owning our journeys, flaws and all, that is actually when our true stories are revealed to us.

With Love & PRIDE,

Nthabi Taukobong


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